Benefits and ROI for US Companies Nearshoring to Mexico
Tapping into the talent market, infrastructural advantages, and operational benefits in Mexico.
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Benefits and ROI for US Companies Nearshoring to Mexico

Insights, talent market and compliance

Tapping into STEM talent in Mexico

  • Mexico is becoming increasingly hot for talent sourcing. In the last year, American companies nearshored more than 350,000 jobs to the region.
  • Mexico is focused on improving the technical skills of its talent as show by the increase in IT proficiency to 52% in the last year.
  • Technically certified talent in the region rank 93% in computer programming, 95% in data analysis and 93% in communication.
  • Overcoming challenges around compliance including: scheduling, worker classification and taxation.

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Challenges, solutions and implications

Addressing us labor shortage

Challenges, solutions and implications

U.S. companies have shifted beyond export agreements to tapping into the top-notch talent found in Mexico, attractive not only for its proximity but for its friendly business environment and the technical skills of its talent.

Mexico has a growing workforce of graduates in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) sectors. Over a fifth of the country’s graduates earn STEM-related degrees, with Mexican universities producing approximately 110,000 engineering graduates annually.

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