The HR Guide to Expanding Into Emerging Markets
How to overcome challenges and establish a strong multinational presence
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The HR Guide to Expanding Into Emerging Markets

Insights, talent market and compliance

The 3 key factors to successful expansion

  • Strategic talent sourcing in new markets requires different approaches. In order to assess and hire top talent, HR professionals need to know which countries are primed for hiring expansion.
  • As the LATAM market is less accessible and more challenging as a timezone for European based companies, US companies are better suited to hire from the four top markets in Latin America.
  • Considerations as to whether your business requires an overseas brand or a foreign subsidiary.
  • Determine if your company faces cultural and regulatory issues that must be adapted when hiring in new geographies.

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Working with a partner, is it right for you?


Working with a partner, is it right for you?

As more companies have started to push into emerging markets, more organizations that offer guidance within those markets have emerged. These groups partner with your business, essentially acting – in part – as a third-party candidate sourcing team that supports your branding & pipeline building process.

Companies like Localized can provide you with additional resources, university access and a deeper footprint in new markets that could support your expansion.

Localized connects university students and recent graduates with industry experts and employers.

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