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balqees shemy

Balqees shemy

Computer EngineeringAssuit university

Assiut Governorate, Egypt


Hi, I'm balqees shemy!

Computer Engineering at Assuit university

I am Balqees Shemy a computer engineer fresh graduate. I am actively searching for internships/jobs as a data science or machine learning engineer or in any AI-related field. I am a very disciplined, fast-learning person. Currently, I am enrolled in the machine learning AWS nano degree on Udacity and doing some projects.


Computer Engineering

Bachelor's·Graduated in 2022·Assuit university


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Intelligent microscope using embedded deep learning

assuit university

The project idea is to detect Tuberculosis using the deep learning model yolov4. We used Nvidia jetson nano as the intelligent embedded part of our system. We used the 3D-printing technology to make our prototype microscope. Furthermore, we used image processing to process the tested images. Our project won first place in the undergraduate research competition in Abu Dhabi, and second place in the graduation projects competition at Nile university in Egypt.



Applying intermediate python knowledge on manipulating and visualizing data on movies and Tv shows. A simple DataCamp-guided project.

Face Recognition

assuit university

A simple program that verifies a person's face according to a simple database. The model used is the famous Haar Cascade frontal face algorithm and by comparing the image in the testing folder and the ones in the database we can identify who the person is or whether he is not in the database. It was used as a login to a website.

Finding Charity Donors


CharityML is a fictitious charity organization located in the heart of Silicon Valley that was established to provide financial support for people eager to learn machine learning. After nearly 32,000 letters were sent to people in the community, CharityML determined that every donation they received came from someone that was making more than $50,000 annually. To expand their potential donor base, CharityML has decided to send letters to residents of California, but to only those most likely to donate to the charity. With nearly 15 million working Californians, CharityML has brought you on board to help build an algorithm to best identify potential donors and reduce the overhead cost of sending mail. Your goal will be to evaluate and optimize several different supervised learners to determine which algorithm will provide the highest donation yield while also reducing the total number of letters being sent.

Remote controlling a stepper motor

online ITI internship

Remote Controlling a stepper motor using SPI protocol in an AVR microcontroller. I have written the drivers. It was a very simple project to just show my work including the keypad driver, LCD, stepper motor, and SPI.

Titanic Survivors

assuit university

In this project I used Kaggle titanic data set, It was one of my first projects. I learned how to clean and process data, and choose the best model to help me detect survivors from this disastrous shipwreck.







Data Science

Machine Learning

Deep Learning

Machine Learning Algorithms

Deep Learning Algorithms







Computer Vision

Embedded C

PIC Microcontrollers

Google TensorFlow


Linear Algebra

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

Data Visualization

Data Cleaning

Data Acquisition

Data Classification


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