Khaled Mahfouz

Khaled Mahfouz

Quality Engineer at Electrolux

Worldquant University, Applied Data Science Lab



Hi, I'm Khaled Mahfouz!

Quality Engineer at Electrolux

D a t a S c i e n t i s t




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Check-Send-Read-Remind "CSRR"

PR Brand Manager and Developer

A scripted action-based semi-automated workflow tailored for e-mail marketing, CSRR stands for the four actions that it does, Check Data, Send emails, Read Inbox & Remind unanswered. Recepients’ email addresses are stored in an Excel file and assigned a message (thread) ID, they get validated to protect the sender's reputation, It sends personalized emails to all recipients, then reads the inbox marking those who replied in the Excel file, and reminds those who didn’t reply automatically, developed using python libraries like Numpy, Pandas, SSL and SMTPLIB.

Data Expo 2009: Airline on-time data Flight Data Analysis

data analyst

From 1987 to 2008, we analyze the evolution of flight departure and arrival delays through 12 giga-byte flight records for all commercial flights within the USA, scatter charts depicting the creep of flights towards early arrivals and departures through the years. Conducted using python and jupyter notebooks. Link for documentation:

E-Commerce website Conversion rates: A/B Test

data analyst

This project is a research on conversion rates of an E-commerce website, where we perform an A/B test on a website click-through rate through a control and experiment groups, to decide which page design brings more conversion or are both of them are the same. Conducted using python and jupyter notebooks. Link for documentation:

data analyst

In this project, we perform a deep dive EDA to discover multiple facts about the Brazilian medical sector, from appointments rescheduling phenomenon, to concentrations of an age-specific group for scheduling appointments at a specific time of day that might raise concerns for medical urgency or a disease that affects a certain age bracket. Performed using python and jupyter notebooks Link for the documentation:




Data Analysis and Display

Data Visualization



Programming in VBA





SQL Database

SQL Query

PostgreSQL SQL

Microsoft SQL Server

Regression Analysis

Classification Models

Random Forest

Decision Trees


Developing Dashboards

Forecasting Models



Power BI

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