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Ahmed Metawee

Ahmed Metawee

Freelance marketing consultant Freelancers union

EducationMansoura University

Mansoura Dakahlia Governorate, Egypt


Hi, I'm Ahmed Metawee!

Freelance marketing consultant at Freelancers union

I run a freelance marketing business in Egypt and I am experienced with native ads. I can research, setup and optimize campaigns. My experience is previously acquired by studying courses and MBA. I studies Linkedin learning pathways in Marketing and advertising as well as Nano degree in UDACity. Also, I had SHRM and Sustainability Workshops to develop business in my local market. I can provide strategic directions in rapport with audiences, demographics, etc. as an expert in using native platforms. I am good at 'brainstorming' and I have competency, professionalism, clarity in communication and consulting. I've been here on Freelancer for 10 years. I maintain accounts on fiverr, people per hour and guru platforms. I am looking for long term relationships with my partners. I even want to travel to Europe, US and Australia to meet my partners. You are important to me. Finally, I will have all your requests from my platforms with a relevant response to each communication and I will be responsible for the work in 100% of responsibility.




Professional·Graduating in 2003·Mansoura University


Freelance marketing consultant  at Freelancers union



Podcast: Marketing Events promote businesses

Freelance marketing consultant

I am responsible for analyzing the marketing strategies of an organization and evaluate its effectiveness within the market competitiveness. Marketing consultants develop promotional campaigns and enhance the company's media presence to grow more audiences and improve the brand's image. I am also conduct data and statistical analysis to determine sales performance forecasting and adjust marketing methods according to the findings. A great podcast which will have all my skills and experiences in the digital marketing and offline markets. The podcast will have a good overview of the trends, strategies and tactics which needed to promote your business. The events are all professional tools that your business may need to interact with your customer. To do so, you have to prepare yourself well with my good advice and my podcast recommendations.

High quality copywriting

Freelance marketing consultant

I will be responsible for producing engaging, clear text for different advertising channels such as websites, print ads and catalogs. My duties include researching keywords, producing interesting written content and proofreading their work for accuracy and quality.

Mobile Apps designing, User experience

Freelance marketing consultant

I design experiences and sets of interactions for the users inwhich they have within an app on handheld devices, including smartphones, tablets, and wearables.

Real estate and resorts online advertising

Freelance marketing consultant

Real estate and resorts ads are promoting resort markets, realtors and real estate companies. I can design many forms (e.g., text, image, and video). And I can deliver them to get the word out about your business.

Email designing and marketing

Freelance marketing consultant

Email Designing which includes designing regular, seasonal, promotional, and automated emails. Also, Emails will be also organise and coordinate all digital resources and assets required for email marketing campaigns.'s%20eCards&utm_medium=Social_Share&utm_source=Clipboard_Shot&utm_campaign=aimty&utm_content=Resort's%20eCards&utm_medium=Social_Share

Film tourism: Heraklion; screen writing and shot listing

Freelance consultant, screenwriter

A great tool for promoting tourism and hospitality industry in Egypt. I can screen write your tourism project and advice shot lists for your film. As a good consultant for your successful tourism, I will be contributing to your tourism development in your destination.






Digital Advertising



Social Media Advertising



Market Research

Data Analysis


Cloud Product Manager



Mobile App Design


Email Design

Blog Promotion

Social Media Consulting



SEO Copywriting

Event Marketing

Consultant / Advisor



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