Molopo Lipali

Molopo Lipali

Molecular Biology at University of Cape Town

South Africa


Hi, I'm Molopo Lipali!

Molecular Biology at University of Cape Town

A self-proclaimed polymath with a record of achievement providing outstanding research skills, comprehensive interdisciplinary knowledge, and operational dexterity in fast-paced research environments. Driven by a passion for unravelling the mysteries of biofilm behaviour, I am a dedicated Molecular and Cell Biology Ph.D. candidate at the University of Cape Town, focusing on the intricacies of Mycobacterium abscessus biofilm formation. My ongoing research delves into the impact of nutrient limitation, the SQ109 TB drug candidate, and in vitro models on biofilm determinants. I hold an MSC in Biotechnology with a distinction from Rhodes University, where my research focused on surfactant influences on microbial fuel cell performance, biofilm formation, and power generation for wastewater treatment applications. Including my BSc (Honours) and BSc in Biochemistry, with a distinction, my biotechnology research experience equipped me with comprehensive skills in nanotechnology, material science, microbiology, electrochemistry, molecular biology, analytical techniques, data analysis and visualization, biosensor technology, and structural bioinformatics analysis. My journey isn't confined to the laboratory; I am also a BSC graduate in Drama with electives in physical theatre and theatre design. My dissertation, "Post-Hip-Hop," showcases my creative and innovative thinking, merging Hip-Hop and contemporary dance, emphasizing my ability to translate ideas into tangible expressions on stage, and developing new complex movement vocabulary. My interdisciplinary expertise spans biotechnology, microbiology, electrochemistry, bioinformatics, art, and molecular biology. Proficient in a spectrum of skills, I excel in experimental design, optimization, project management, problem-solving, resourcefulness, creativity, and translating complex scientific findings into effective communication. Let's connect and explore the intersections of science, creativity, and innovation! #Scientist #Biotechnologist #CreativeInnovator


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    Quality Control


    Biological Data Analysis

    Structural Bioinformatics

    Problem Solving

    Critical thinking

    Biochemical Processes

    Molecular Biology, Biochemistry

    Environmental Microbiology

    Clinical Microbiology

    Materials Science


    Quantitative Research

    Qualitative Research

    Electron Microscopy

    Fluorescence Microscopy

    Analytical Methods Development

    Scientific Presentation

    Design Of Experiments


    Microbial Biotechnology

    Fuel Cells


    Project Management

    Quality Assurance

    3D Printing

    Microsoft Office 365


    Time Management


    Technical Communications

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