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Areen Aboudi

Editorial Translation at Birzeit University

Ramallah , Palestine

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Hi, I'm Areen Aboudi!

Lifeguard at First Ramallah Group


I'm a pro-active helper,organizer and always try to give value in volunteering and everything I do, I'm conscientious and curious, as I always seek to learn, observe, and discuss, I try to predict outcomes as well as multi-task, so I do have generalist strategic problem-solving abilities; being a lifeguard and playing within an orchestra has especially taught me that, since both need peripheral, all-direction focus, quick response, and team-work. I try to be updated as much as possible about businesses and opportunities in the world and especially in Palestine, and understand the business Eco-systems and consumer behavior. I'm also working on starting to freelance and follow an entrepreneurial endeavor, but after gaining some weighted experience in different areas such as digital marketing, and graphic design. *my current interests are: -freelance and content writing. -Digital marketing. -Graphic design. -youth impact initiatives. -translation. -qualitative research.


Business Administration

Business Administration

Bachelor's·Graduating in 2021·Birzeit University
Editorial Translation

Editorial Translation

Graduated in 2021·Birzeit University


Lifeguard at First Ramallah Group

June · 2019 - September · 2019

Licensed swimming pool lifeguard, 2018-2019 summers:- I had the responsibility of preventing people from drowning, slipping, and avoid any potential dangerous water jumps, by filtering people through their swimming style, and how they handle fear


Following Channels

Following Channels


Orchestral participation with Al-Kamandjati


-Munich Youth Philharmonic Orchestra: participated during summer 2013 and 2014, in a music summer camp organized by Al Kamandjati Association, along with other Arab and German professional musicians. -Local music summer camps: participated during the summer camps organized locally by Al Kamandjati during my high school and middle school summer vacations. -Music festivals and ceremonies: participated in multiple music performances in festivals and ceremonies such as: +Ramallah Orchestra Tour +Christmas celebration in Bethlehem

product design extracullicular & data-entry

data-collection & entry /handled Business aspect of product design.(worked on functionality and design