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Ibilola Itiolu

Ibilola Itiolu


Pls where can I watch the on demand or video recording of this session

How can i improve my project management skills and knowledge, so as to gain employment.

Can you work as a Digital project manager without any background in the digital world

Is it realistic to expect to get an entry level job in project management if you have no experience in the field you're applying for?

Andre Palazuelos

What a good question Nouamane! Let's try to ask that question to the experts today! Don't miss the session... it starts soon!

What are the job titles that I should on the look out for or should be searching.

Andre Palazuelos

Hi Letitisia! good question! Well... There are several job titles that are commonly associated with project management. Here are some: Project Manager, Program Manager, Agile Project Manager, Scrum Master, Project Coordinator, Project Administrator, Project Scheduler, Project Analyst, Business Analyst, Project Director, Project Consultant, IT Project Manager, Construction Project Manager, Engineering Project Manager, Healthcare Project Manager, Financial Project Manager. But, don't miss the event there we can delve deeper into that question with the experts!

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