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Virtual Career Fair 2022 - Kickoff Event

This first session is going to be live streamed on Facebook. Please click here to stream.https://www.facebook.com/Localizedworld/

You're invited to the Localized Virtual Career Fair! (ONLINE EXPERIENCE)! 💻


🚀 Meet with companies including:

Tamatem Games INC
International Finance Corporation (IFC)
US News and World Report
Malia Group
HitekNofal Solutions
Cobblestone Energy
Crystel / Canex Aluminum
Galaxy Organization
N3XT Sports
Olive Branch International Digital Solutions LLC
Alpha Growth
Hello World Kids
GIFTY - Digital Shop Maker
BECO Capital

🎯 Choose from different career tracks including:

⚫️ Business Track
⚫️ Marketing Track
⚫️ Consulting Track
⚫️ Software Engineer Track
⚫️ Tech Track
⚫️ Finance Track
⚫️ Civil & Mechanical Engineering Track
⚫️ Internships
⚫️ Trainee programs
⚫️ Research Track

📍 Country specific roles and remote roles available

Launch your career with the Localized Virtual Career Fair, 2022 🚀 #LocalizedVCF

We’re bringing employers, industry experts, and career coaches together, under one virtual roof, to launch your career the right way. This is your opportunity to interact with Employers seeking to recruit exceptional and diverse talents in meaningful roles across different industries and geographies.

Here’s what to Expect:

  • ✅ Meet with relevant recruiters looking for talent like you to learn about open positions
  • ✅ Attend Expert Sessions to help you explore different career paths and gain tailored advice
  • ✅ Attend Career Development Workshops to improve your CV/Resume and Cover Letter writing skills
  • ✅ Apply for open positions


  • June 28 Day 1 [10:00 GMT - 17:00 GMT] - Tech & Business Remote Jobs
  • June 29 Day 2 [10:00 GMT - 17:00 GMT] - Tech & Business On-site Jobs (regional)

For a full schedule you must click "register" and you will receive the schedule via email.

In this opening session, we will walk you through the platform to help you navigate the Virtual Career Fair and provide further instructions on how you can interact with Employers and Experts.

Click "Register" to secure your slot. When the webinar launches, that same button will say "Join with Zoom." Click to join the event.


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Muhammad Riaz


You mentioned tech and business related jobs. Will there be something related to Electrical engineering?

Hello Awais, Thanks for reaching out. So far, we have a wide range of confirmations from health to operations to marketing to several software engineering roles so if the electrical engineer has any experience with programming then I'm sure there will be an opportunity for them.

What will it take for a company to employ from another country?

Hi Benjamin, this is an excellent question that resonates with many users on Localized. in order to get employed in another country other than the one you have a residency/work permit for, the hiring employer must be willing and able to sponsor you (to issue you a work visa). another very popular option is to look for remote available opportunities that do not require you to relocate! To help you navigate this process, the Localized virtual career fair will be segmented as follows: Day 1 will be dedicated to remote available opportunities and will be further segmented by the hiring department. As such you will clearly be able to determine the different job roles and focus your time with employers hiring within your specific field of expertise Day 2 will be dedicated to in-person roles. Here you will be able to clearly determine the countries where roles are being offered as well as to determine if visa sponsorships are available. Some of our employers, such as the IFC will almost certainly be able to issue a work visa if your qualifications match their needs.

Hello, First of All, I would like to thank you for this great opportunity to connect with employers from around the world and receive guidance from people who have worked hard to be successful in their careers. My question is based on the companies that are going to be joining the career fair, are there any opportunities for law graduates who are looking for internships or full-time jobs? Thanks in advance.

Hello Asaad, Happy to have you on the platform. Yes please, there will be openings for almost all career tracks. We will be releasing the organisations that would be hiring at the fair in the coming days. Please be sure to attend.

Hi Hosting Team, I have an array of expertise, stemming from technical sales, inside and outside sales, EV Charging Installation sales, including a Pharma background (Regulatory Manager / BDM for a Clinical Trials Company). I wanted to know which companies I can be on the look-out for? I reside in Irvine, CA, and if there is remote opportunity, that would be great! Thanks -Raj B.

Hi Raj, You have a very interesting profile, I’m sure you would make a very good candidate for most of the companies. Please take a look at the participating organizations and see which one you are most interested in. The good thing about the career fair is that you can visit as many employer booths as you’d like until you find a company that fits your objectives.

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