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Jane Dinangwatan


How to get the certificate

Hi, I am hoping for a response from Trend Micro about the e-certificate. I think the link for the request for a certificate for this summit isn't working anymore, Should we register after the summit? Thank you.

Will you be doing a livestream on any other platforms?

Gem Lisboa

Gem Lisboa


Can i ask if where is the attendance session for the first session. I can'f find it. I attended it the first day. Thank you

At what time on October 19 can we register?

Mitchel Chang

you should be able to register any sessions at anytime

Is this webinar free and do you provide e certificate for the attendees?

Mitchel Chang

all sessions are free. This is part of Trend Micro and Localized education outreach to help inspire people to join the cybersecurity workforce, we will provide certificates if a minimum attendance requirement is met. Please stay tuned for further instructions, Thanks!

Mitchel Chang

Note: Trend Micro Initiative of Education 2021 Cybersecurity Summit attendance acknowledgement certificate will be available for students who attended more than 3 hours of sessions (exclude networking) upon request only. Please go to https://www.trendmicro.com/internet-safety/university/events/2021-summit/certificate for more information.

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