Workshop: How to Find & Apply for a Job or Internship

Workshop: How to Find & Apply for a Job or Internship




⏰ 11:00AM EST | 16:00 GMT | 17:00 Egypt Time

About the workshop:

🚀 Do you want to know the best ways to find a job? Find companies that are hiring? Or apply for an open position effectively?

The jobs search strategies workshop is workshop to help guide you on:

✅ How to find open roles

✅ How to figure out what kind of job you want

✅ Better ways to search online

✅ How to narrow your job or internship search


About Iyad Uakoub:

+12 years of global experience in building award-winning career centers, advising startups, empowering organizations with workforce learning & engagement strategies and leveraging data and technology to democratize career opportunities. Learn more about Iyad:

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